Knowledge Proof

15 09 2011

Back in 1993, when my parents were first importing a TV into the Philippines, we spent countless a few hours pouring over the specs and getting increasingly frustrated that coming from a PAL country (India) to a NTSC country (the Philippines), we had to spend a good sum extra for a TV that could decode both. I still remember, to this day, that Peter Justesen (Purveyors to H.M. the King of Denmark) catalog with a map showing what regions needed what TVs. It looked similar to this, but with additional colors for the various variants of SECAM, PAL and NTSC.

It cost extra, decreased reliability and caused much grief to the likes of top-tier consumer firms. Never again would there be three standards for broadcast TV.

Fast forward a decade to the start of digital broadcasting. Guess what?

Yes, you’d be right. That’s FOUR standards.



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