When in Holland…

16 01 2011

When I last visited the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to stand on dike. It was surreal, seeing the water so much higher than the land. Still sends shivers down my back to recall the relentless pulse of the North Sea against a thin barrier of stone and concrete.

But it’s only from the air that you realize just how reliant the Dutch are their thousands of kilometers of barriers to live in some semblance of harmony with the pervasive water. Even in the pre-dawn darkness, it’s completely evident just where the water is – both by the geography of the roads and lights, and by the gleam of the water, reflecting the midnight orange skies. There’s an object lesson here for the rest of us watching the sea rise ever higher as the climate changes.

Other thoughts from Schipol Schipohl:
-One forgets how small Europe is until one begins the descent into Amsterdam over Dublin!
-Android and Blackkerry devices litter the stores. There are virtually no Nokias to be seen, a marked change from when I was here last. No iPhones in stores, bur a fair number of people walking around with them.
-The 27″ iMac, which seems entirely reasonable in Apple Stores in the US, looks positively enormous here. The width of the aisles in a store plays such a massive role in determining perception of objects!

35 minutes until my next flight. Time to get a bite and find this elusive Kipling Store to get my bag adjusted.



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6 03 2011
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